Re: [pcre-dev] option setting for JIT?

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Author: ph10
To: Nils Goroll
CC: pcre-dev
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] option setting for JIT?
On Sun, 11 Jan 2015, Nils Goroll wrote:

> Actually hypothetical future issues with JIT are my primary concern, and
> enabling JIT by default with the option to disable it by pattern would be my
> preferred way to go.
> So, yes, this sounds like an even better option.

OK. This shouldn't be much work, so I will implement it. Having only
recently released PCRE2, we are holding off from any development for a
few weeks, just in case somebody finds a problem that needs a fast
bugfix release, but it probably won't be long before I get round to
this. If there are no urgent bugfix issues, I anticipate a new release
of PCRE2 around Easter time.


Philip Hazel