Re: [pcre-dev] option setting for JIT?

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Author: Zoltán Herczeg
To: Nils Goroll
CC: pcre-dev
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] option setting for JIT?

well, such option probably suits better to pcre2, since the JIT pointer is part of the internal representation of a regex. The (*NOJIT) could be an internal flag, which simply prevents JIT compilation. The problem with (*JIT) is that we have various compilation modes, and compiling in all possible modes would increase memory consumption and compilation time (most application use a single compilation mode). We could add a dynamic check for pcre2_match, which calls the JIT compiler with the appropriate mode (if it is not compiled yet) when this flag is set, but it is also an overhead I don't really prefer. Philip, what do you think?

Perhaps you could do this in application level, making this as a mandatory first option, and simply check the first few characters of any regex. If a regex starts with (*JIT)/(*NOJIT) simply skip these characters.

Btw, is there still issues with JIT?


Nils Goroll <slink@???> írta:
>On 09/01/15 10:58, Nils Goroll wrote:
>> I will put this topic back onto the varnish agenda so I'd like to ask enabling
>> JIT per-RE would still be considered as an option?
>And the reverse would probably also be a good idea - (*NOJIT) or the like
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