Re: [exim] DKIM Signing while send mail from subdomain

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Author: Klaus Ethgen
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] DKIM Signing while send mail from subdomain
Hi Dilip,

Am Fr den 2. Jan 2015 um 8:28 schrieb LinuxAdmin:
> I am using exim-4.80.1-49 & using DKIM signing, My prob is when i send mail using subdomain DKIM verification got failed.


You can solve it like the following:
> DKIM_DOMAIN = ${lc:${domain:$h_from:}}

DKIM_DOMAIN = ${lookup {$sender_address_domain} lsearch {/etc/exim4/dkim_signing_domains}

... and pupulate /etc/exim4/dkim_signing_domains with the domains you
want to have been signed.

But you might even use $sender_address_domain direct. Never use $h_from
for this purpose. First, no header informations are trusted and second
the dkim stuff needs to be done for the envelope sender address, not the

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