Re: [exim] End of the DNS MX record ?

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Author: Chris Siebenmann
To: Always Learning
CC: exim-users, cks
Subject: Re: [exim] End of the DNS MX record ?
> >
> Null MX. Excellent proposal.
> Now we need to make MX records mandatory for everyone operating
> MTAs. We support all efforts to significantly reduce the spam problem.

As a practical matter this will never happen. There are plenty of
places on the Internet that will not update to 'latest practice' (for
more or less any latest practice) and so people will be delivering email
to bare A records (and accepting it from bare A records) for years to
come. You can deviate from this if you want, but you *will* drop some
amount of legitimate email at a sufficiently large site.

(At a small site you can asses all of your legitimate senders to see
what they support and then blow off anyone else on the basis that
the odds are relatively low that someone with a bare A record will
try to send you email that you want. Larger sites run into unusual
configurations more frequently.)

    - cks