Re: [exim] Weird retry behaviour

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Author: Russell King
To: Dan Carroll
CC: Exim Users
Subject: Re: [exim] Weird retry behaviour
On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 07:27:14AM +1000, Dan Carroll wrote:
> Have a look at the retry and wait spool hint database entries.

I stated the contents of the retry and wait databases. That's very simple
because the machine /only/ talks to my MTA here (to notify me of its
operation each and every night.)

The previous nights messages were delivered fine and in a timely manner.

> If a host has been down long enough, Exim won’t give it the opportunity
> to retry even with a new message until retry time is reached.

It's not that /my/ host is down (did you read my message?) As I explained
in my message, it's that the link to the site running this exim was down
for just four hours, which was enough to trigger exim into bouncing the
message *inspite* of the retry rules specifying days of retries, for a
host which had been *known* to exim to be available less than 24 hours

> man exim_dumpdb and exim_fixdb

Yes, I know about these - which is why I quoted exim_dumpdb output in my
message which you quoted. At this point, I have to question whether you
actually read my message from the start to the very end before sending
your reply, or whether you just generalised it.

I'm well aware (being a 10+ year user) of exim's retry behaviour in the
presence of multiple messages for a target host (that the timeout runs
per target host, not per message), and the tools to manage exim.

> You can also delete the retry and wait* databases to reset everything….
> (I’d probably offline exim while I did that but it’s likely not necessary).

And using exim_tidydb (as I said I have done) and then I quoted the only
two remaining entries in the retry database...


Russell King