[exim] General-purpose DKIM ACL?

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Author: Jaap Winius
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] General-purpose DKIM ACL?
Hi folks,

Chapter 56 of the Exim documentation includes two examples of ACLs
that check for DKIM signatures (see end of page):


However, these ACLs only apply to specific domains. Is it possible to
construct a general-purpose DKIM ACL?

E.g. for every incoming message such an ALC would check if 1) the
sender domain has a DKIM policy record, and if so 2) whether the
message headers includes a DKIM signature, and if so 3) whether this
DKIM signature is valid. A warning would be issued if a DKIM policy
record was present, but a DKIM signature in the message headers was
absent or invalid.