Re: [exim] [exim-dev] Exim 4.82 RC5 uploaded

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Author: Todd Lyons
To: exim-dev, Exim Users
Subject: Re: [exim] [exim-dev] Exim 4.82 RC5 uploaded
On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 4:53 AM, Andreas Metzler <eximusers@???> wrote:
>> I haven't heard of any further build issues with RC5. If I don't hear
>> anything show-stopper by the end of the weekend, especially with
>> respect to the GnuTLS issues, I'll release on Monday morning.
> I have uploaded rc5 to Debian/experimental. it failed to build on
> GNU/hurd
> <>
> but I do not think that should stop a release.

Thanks Andreas. Exercising the GnuTLS build was exactly what I was hoping for.

Regarding the hurd build error, is there some #ifdef guard we can put
in place to properly protect against it for hurd like systems? I
assume this is just an old ipv6 stack that doesn't have some newer
feature. Something along the lines of this completely wild guess:

#ifdef IPV6_TCLASS
*optname = IPV6_TCLASS;
*optname = NULL;

Is there an easy way to see what /usr/include/bits/in.h or
/usr/include/linux/in6.h contains for hurd?

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