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Author: The Doctor
To: Muhammad Irfan
CC: exim users
Subject: Re: [exim] SMTP Abused
On Wed, Jun 06, 2012 at 01:50:54AM +0500, Muhammad Irfan wrote:
> I had situation in past when one of my domain POP3/SMTP user/pass
> compromised.
> And someone connect to our server (SMTP) with that user account to send
> bulk of emails.
> I need to eliminate this sort of spam mechanism like in case if account
> compromised no one can send emails to others by using that user email
> address.
> I have quite some users on my domain which acts as POP3 and SMTP also. I
> can't block SMTP port on server because it's block outside world also to
> send emails to us.
> I thought another idea, to use openrelay like i need to add another server
> configured as open relay and on primary mail server i need to configure
> manualrouter e.g. if emails send from than relay to
> which is finally responsible to send emails from that
> server and i.e. on relay server i will allow only local
> users ip addresses only to connect via firewall.
> So, outside world can send from primary mail server and within domain user
> can send emails from relay server.
> Please let me know if this approach is handy or is there any other better
> way of doing this.

A poosibility is to find if trhere is a process
that looks out of the ordinary on your system.

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