Re: [exim] Format Error in spool file

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Author: Phil Pennock
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Format Error in spool file
On 2012-04-24 at 12:10 +0100, ruairi.hickey@??? wrote:
>       I am receiving format errors in spool files in incoming mail from 
> a single remote server.  How can I see which line in the header file is 
> causing the problem ?   I have listed the spool header file below...

"exim -d+deliver -M 1SMFVW-0004t7-Na" may help, but I wouldn't hold out
too much hope, since the diagnostics aren't great.

In every case I know of to date, format errors in the spool file have
been caused by people using other software to manipulate the file
contents inside the spool. Are you running something which might be
doing this?

Also, which version of Exim are you running?

> -tls_peerdn
> C=IE,,ST=Dublin,L=Dublin,STREET=Blackrock,STREET=
> ,STREET=Canada Life House\, Temple Road,O=CANADA LIFE GROUP SERVICES
> LIMITED,OU=IS,OU=Hosted by Canada Life (UK) Ltd.,OU=PremiumSSL
> Wildcard,CN=*

Was this all one long line, or is it really multiple lines? If it's
multiple, then that's the corruption.