[exim-mirrors] New Exim mirror in VietNam

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Autor: Gmail - Pham Duc Hoang
A: exim-mirrors
Cc: exim-mirrors-request
Asunto: [exim-mirrors] New Exim mirror in VietNam
Dear ,

We launched a new mirror for the project Apache. You can add a
mirror to the overall list. Below the information about mirror:

* My Company :   DIGIPOWER Co.,ltd
* URL of mirror:http://mirrors.digipower.vn/exim
* Country where the mirror is located:     VietNam
* Contact email address:contact@???  ,duchoang@???
* Update frequency:         4 times a day
* Rsync repository used:    mirrors.digipower.vn::exim
* Approximate bandwidth:    100Mbps
* IP :
* Service :   HTTP - FTP

Best Regards ,