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Author: Ron White
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Mysql support - no errors but checking compiled in

> I think Nigel is on to the winning answer here. If I search yum for
> exim, it finds...
> exim.i686 : The exim mail transfer agent
> exim-doc.noarch : Documentation for the exim mail transfer agent
> exim-greylist.i686 : Example configuration for greylisting using Exim
> exim-mon.i686 : X11 monitor application for Exim
> exim-mysql.i686 : MySQL lookup support for Exim
> exim-pgsql.i686 : PostgreSQL lookup support for Exim
> exim-sa.i686 : Exim SpamAssassin at SMTP time - d/l plugin
> So I'm guessing I need to install:
> exim-mysql.i686
> I'll try that first :-)

And that didn't work either. Despite it not reporting any issues on
installation - it does not appear to be working. No queries being made,
no errors - just like before. Mmmm.