Re: [exim] html mails from cronjob

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Author: Mike Cardwell
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] html mails from cronjob
On 07/01/2011 09:22, Dominic Benson wrote:

>> To: ...@...
>> From: ...@...
>> Content-type: text/html
>> <html><body><b>test</b></body></html>
>> I tried everything but nothing helped so far.
>> Is there a solution for that problem?
> You need a MIME structure for the message to get it to be treated as HTML - see for a reasonable start to what you need to do.

AFAIK, it's valid to put raw HTML in a message body if you set the
Content-type header to "text/html" rather than "multipart/*". The
problem he is having is with the newline which is shifting the
Content-type header into the message body.

> This isn't anything to do with Exim!

True. This is just the way cron works.

Mike Cardwell
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