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Author: Michael Haardt
To: exim-dev
Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 1019] DKIM multiple signature generation does not work (dkim_domain list)
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--- Comment #8 from Michael Haardt <michael.haardt@???> 2010-09-28 15:11:11 ---
> > Nigel: Any opinions on that?
> I'm not technical competent to comment on either the DKIM or the storage
> code.

Then you should prefer not to introduce code that's not 100% clear to
any of us so far, like I do. ;-)

Uwe: Would you submit a new patch that does not free the storage, but
leaves that to Exim, like other code does as well? If you feel the
storage should be freed, I suggest to open a new bug, based on an
analysis of this problem in the overall Exim code. I wouldn't be
surprised to find out there isn't any problem really.


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