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Author: Rimas Kudelis
To: exim-dev
New-Topics: [exim-dev] [Bug 980] Allow to specify mysql connection charset, [exim-dev] [Bug 980] Allow to specify mysql connection charset
Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 980] New: Allow to specify mysql connection charset
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           Summary: Allow to specify mysql connection charset
           Product: Exim
           Version: N/A
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: wishlist
          Priority: medium
         Component: General execution
        AssignedTo: nigel@???
        ReportedBy: rq@???
                CC: exim-dev@???

I'm using exim4 with vexim, but I've modified the latter a little to be
unicode-aware, meaning it now stores and retrieves data in UTF-8.

However, it appears that there is no way to tell Exim 4 what character set to
use when talking to the MySQL server, and that results in e.g. broken vacation
messages (all characters that don't fit into latin1 are being converted to

It seems that a similar problem with PostgreSQL is being addressed in bug 508,
and a solution was proposed there to add an additional config option
(pg_encoding). I think this would work here too, if a similar option were also
added to mysql. Alternatively, here are a few alternatives:

*) allow specifying character set in mysql_servers and pgsql_servers (also in
oracle_servers and ibase_servers if relevant);
*) add a separate config option, but make it more generic. For example, allow
Exim administrator to specify some queries that would be executed each time a
new SQL connection is established

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