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Author: Nigel Metheringham
To: PCRE Developers
Subject: [pcre-dev] PCRE infrastructure
While this stuff is still fresh in my mind I'd like to start getting
PCRE development infrastructure sorted.

Andrew, I'd appreciate it if you could create the following DNS names
under pcre.org, all A records pointing to the IP address of tahini - (you could also add AAAA records to
2001:630:200:8080:204:23ff:fed6:b664 )

I'll put a wiki up under both the docs and wiki name. bugs and vcs will
point to the source code control and bugzilla system as appropriate.
lists may just be the same as the exim one for now.

We may wish to point www->wiki once the wiki is going - see what people
feel is appropriate.

Does anyone have a suitable logo (or an artistic bent to produce one)
for PCRE? [Use of Camels may hit problems with ORA].

Anything else need doing?


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