[pcre-dev] Exim.org hardware and IP changes

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Author: Nigel Metheringham
To: exim-announce
CC: PCRE Developers
Subject: [pcre-dev] Exim.org hardware and IP changes
Exim.org is moving hardware platforms - from sesame.csx.cam.ac.uk to
tahini.csx.cam.ac.uk [1]

Many of the services have moved already (ftp, rsync, bugzilla and wiki
for example). The main ones left to do are mail and mailing lists
including the DNS changes to MXes and for www.exim.org and exim.org.

Those of you that whitelist particular machines for mailing list
delivery, or do similar tricks, may wish to add tahini.csx.cam.ac.uk to
their lists

The final switch over should take place in the next few days. If you
find issues with the new system please let us know - ideally put a
bugzilla ticket against the Infrastructure product (unless of course
thats what we have broken).

I'll drop another message out when we actually make the changes.


[1] Sesame was originally named for "Open Sesame", as in an
     open development environment.  Tahini is related to this

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