Re: [exim] UCEPROTECT, APEWS and the truth about Marc Perkel

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Author: Johann Steigenberger
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] UCEPROTECT, APEWS and the truth about Marc Perkel
"Wanabe-womanizer" Marc Perkel gaggled:

> If you use the Sender Address Verification features of Exim then
> UCEProtect will blacklist you as a spammer. So he admits what I've been
> warning you about.

This has nothing to do with Exim.
If you do SAV you are an Abuser.
If you hit an UCEPROTECT-Trap out there with an SAV you got listed.
No matter who or what you are or what you are using.

> As everyone knows including Johann I run a spam filtering business.

This does not matter, as long as you are abusing other systems.

> So if you are running a blacklist and you know you
> are blacklisting the IP addresses of your competitors knowing they
> aren't spammers, what does that say about you.

You are not in the position to be a competitor for me nor you will ever be.
The difference between us is:
If i do something wrong, i stand to my fault.
If you do something wrong, the others are guilty :-)

> UCEProtect also charges money to remove false positive from it's list.

That is complete nonsense.
I never had a problem to public say "sorry" if we had listed someone
This happend exactly 2 times in the last 6 years.

You were not accidently listed.

> to list me manually on his black lists then he has no standing to
> complain when someone does the same to him.

That is what reflects your personality:
"Oh these bad UCEPROTECT guys have listed my IP's , so lets list them too
That leads to the question how old are you ? 3 or 4 ....
Search for a Kindergarden in your area...

> Generally I might ignore his message but his blacklist affects all of us
> and as he has said, if he doesn't like the way you filter spam his going
> to list you on his blacklist.

No it does not affect all of you.
It does affect the brianless using a "feature" because it is there, and
because they
think they can burden their "Spamfiltering" on third partys systems.

> I also believe that APEWS is just a stealth copy of his own lists as
> they the exactly the same positions on listing Exim users who use SAV.


> I recognize the same arrogance in their policies. The are also some
> strange secret society and as with UCEProtect, if you are wrongly listed
> you can't get removed.

The same lies as Moris usually tells in nanae ....
That leads us to the question: Are you one of Moris friends?
What will happen next? Will you call me a Nazi commander as he did?

Johann Steigenberger