Re: [exim] Confused about lookups and ldap_default_servers

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Author: John W. Baxter
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Confused about lookups and ldap_default_servers
On 3/16/07 9:01 AM, "Robert Bannocks" <R.Bannocks@???> wrote:

> Thanks, is there a reason why this is so?
> Would it be possible to put it on the list of desired changes.
> Rob
> Peter Bowyer wrote:
> On 16/03/07, Robert Bannocks <R.Bannocks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I want to set ldap_default_servers to get its data from the dns and have
> developed a look up as follows:
> ldap_default_servers = ${extract{4}{\ }{${extract{1}{!}{${lookup
> dnsdb{>!}{$value}fail}}}}}

In our use of LDAP, the ldap_default_servers option contains what I believe
Philip intended it to contain, namely a list of the LDAP servers to be used
by queries elsewhere in the configuration which do not specify servers.

I haven't seen anyone put the query itself into ldap_default_servers (but I
haven't seen all working Exim configurations.

>From the (4.6.1 spec--the one I have handy on my desktop machine):

This option provides a list of LDAP servers which are tried in turn when an
LDAP query does not contain a server. See section 9.14 for details of LDAP
queries. This option is available only when Exim has been built with LDAP

No mention of a query going in there.

We haven't had a need to have expansion of this option. That doesn't mean
there is no need of it.