Re: [exim] Build error (PAM Support)

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Author: Peter Bowyer
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Build error (PAM Support)
On 09/03/07, djh <henman@???> wrote:

> I can understand really inexperienced and sloppy code to not check variable
> values.
> But, I should hope that exim doesn't include such sloppy code.

I'm sure the project would be glad to have the benefit of your
expertise - the exim-dev list is the place to discuss coding
issues.Patches win bonus points.

> The fact is that
>      /usr/src/exim/exim-4.66/build-CYGWIN-i386/config.h

> gets build with     SUPPORT for PAM defined as "yes"

> only by explicity putting in SUPPORT_PAM=no in ..Local/Makefile will
> the created config.h will have a "no" for support.
> That good so far.
> But, even with
>      /usr/src/exim/exim-4.66/build-CYGWIN-i386/config.h

> telling the build to not support PAM, it tries to build pam. That should
> not happen and I consider it a building logic bug. It should be looked
> into.

Please try the build in a clean build tree each time (ie un-tar the
source again) and report your findings in detail.The build process
does react badly to some options being changed between builds in the
same tree.

Peter Bowyer
Email: peter@???