[exim-announce] Exim 5 discussion - exim-future list created

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Author: Nigel Metheringham
To: exim-announce
Subject: [exim-announce] Exim 5 discussion - exim-future list created

There's yet another list - exim-future - see

This list is intended for discussions of future development methodology
and features aimed at Exim5 onwards - ie anything that involves
architectural changes. There are additionally some wiki pages recording
ideas as they get fleshed out (which may involve several alternatives).

There is also an email-based interface for users (not administrators)
of the list; you can get info about using it by sending a message
with just the word `help' as subject or in the body, to:


Remember it may be worth leaving discussion until after the weekend,
to allow a few people to have arrived to hear your pearls of wisdom.


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