Re: [exim-mirrors] Avg. traffic for an exim-mirror

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Author: Nigel Metheringham
To: Martijn Grendelman
CC: Christian Kuehn, exim-mirrors
Subject: Re: [exim-mirrors] Avg. traffic for an exim-mirror
On Thu, 2005-11-03 at 12:14 +0100, Martijn Grendelman wrote:
> > we intend to setup a new exim-mirror and need to know how many
> > traffic per month will be produced (to size the hardware and the
> > bandwidth).
> I would like to tell you, but I haven't been able to get the site maintainer
> to include my mirror on the mirrors page. That is, the HTML section used to
> be linked, but the FTP section never was. And now I just noticed there is a
> new (?) 'mirmon' page, which doesn't mention our mirror at all.
> But even in the time we were linked on the mirrors page, we never got more
> than 150 pageviews or 2 MB of traffic IN ONE MONTH. I guess people use
> mirrors only for downloading.

The definitive way of getting a mirror noticed is to add a bugzilla
ticket against Infrastructure, under the Mirrors component - see

That way it won't get lost amongst the huge piles of spam I get to the
exim postmaster/maintainer addresses. [Plus I don't deal with these
requests anyhow]

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