Re: [exim-mirrors] Avg. traffic for an exim-mirror

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Author: Martijn Grendelman
To: Christian Kuehn, exim-mirrors
Subject: Re: [exim-mirrors] Avg. traffic for an exim-mirror
> we intend to setup a new exim-mirror and need to know how many
> traffic per month will be produced (to size the hardware and the
> bandwidth).

I would like to tell you, but I haven't been able to get the site maintainer
to include my mirror on the mirrors page. That is, the HTML section used to
be linked, but the FTP section never was. And now I just noticed there is a
new (?) 'mirmon' page, which doesn't mention our mirror at all.

But even in the time we were linked on the mirrors page, we never got more
than 150 pageviews or 2 MB of traffic IN ONE MONTH. I guess people use
mirrors only for downloading.