Re: [exim] your 'favorite' exim-integrated POP retrieval?

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Author: OpenMacNews
To: Steve Lamb
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] your 'favorite' exim-integrated POP retrieval?
hi steve,

>>> Never heard of exim being used as a pop-client ;)
>> what's with the winks?
>     Subtle hint that Exim is an SMTP server.  Full stop.

clear. that's why i'm asking abt third-party apps providing functionality that
exim, as an SMTP server, does not.

> Not a bloatware SMTP/POP/IMAP/Kitchen sink "mail solution" that is offered


understood. to borrow your metaphor -- i'm, of course, building my OWN kitchen
sink, and just wanted to know which faucet fixture to use ...

> What you're asking for is a way to retrieve
> mail from a POP server an inject it into your local mail server.


> The fact the
> local mail server happens to be Exim is superfulous.

well, 'kinda sorta' ... i think

this thread began as a result of my understanding -- or MISunderstanding, hence
this question -- of the exim wiki's comments abt 'fetchmail'
(<>), and the implication that
exim-filtering of mail receieved thru / retrieved by fetchmail is not the 'best
way to do things' ...

>     As for my recommendation I say get an email client that actually
> understands multiple POP or IMAP connections and be done with it.  Never
> understood the fetish people have for mashing all their mail streams together
> so as to make it five times the work to keep things separate in the end.

not a fetish at all. simply i'd rather all streams are routed thru / filtered
by MY kitchen sink, rather than depending on someone else's not leaking ...