Re: [exim] Sporadic unroutable address

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Author: R.B. (Rick)
To: Alan J. Flavell
CC: Exim users list
Subject: Re: [exim] Sporadic unroutable address
How can i respond a "temporary error" if i cannot verify the sender
domain? In this way i can handle my dns problem and meanwhile i can
investigate on it without getting a lot of spam.


>>At 3:39 pm +0200 2005/05/04, Black.hawk wrote:
>>>2005-05-04 15:24:58 H=( [] sender verify fail
>>>for <ignominies@???>: Unrouteable address
>I take it that exim is handling this as a fatal error and returning
>5xx, rather than as a retryable error and returning 4xx ? That's
>obviously a bit awkward. You might want to add an exceptions list to
>your "verify = sender" stanza to work around this while the problem is