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Author: Andre Grueneberg
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Different relays
Sascha Andres wrote:
> I have an internal Groupwareserver (Exchange) that takes
> SMTP messages and can send them via relay. As a relay I want
> to use exim. The internal domein is and
> on the relayall mails from me@??? needs to
> be rewritten to me@???. Then they need zo be sent to
> our providers mail server.
> To get mail I need to fetch them (I thought about using
> fetchmail) and relay them to the groupware server but
> rewriting the other way: me@??? needs to become
> me@???.
> If I understood the docs correctly routers would be a
> starting point, but how about rewriting and routing based on
> initial mail adress?

Why would you need to do that?
Just rewrite any From-field for * to *
and any To-field for * to *

Your rewrite section in your configuration would like like this:

* $1@??? Ffcrs
* $1@??? Tt

You won't need any changes to routers etc. just have a working DNS.

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