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Author: Odhiambo G. Washington
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Domain list
* zbynh@??? <zbynh@???> [20050208 19:12]: wrote:
> Dear users,
> I'm still striving with local and virtual domains mix in exim.conf
> in the config file is the following:
> domainlist local_domains = : : /etc/mail/locdom : \
>         mysql;SELECT userid FROM domains WHERE userid='{quote_mysql::$domain}';

> but i suspect mysql part not being expanded properly. I read 10.7
> chapter, but there is no example with mysql query.
> Could someone help me and point me to any links?

You do not need any links to read about this. You just need to look at
it (maybe you need some coffee?) and see that there is a problem with
that list!

The sql query does not look like it is about domains, but about users!
Anyway, I could be wrong.

Try this...

Define a macro (see spec.txt for what macros are):

SQL_DOMAINS = mysql; SELECT 1 from domains WHERE userid='{quote_mysql:$domain}'

Note: You had a double colon in your query. Maybe that is the problem?

Then define your domain list viz,

domainlist local_domains = : : lsearch;/etc/mail/locdom : \

See if that works.

BTW, does your sql query yield domain names from the MySQL shell?

Also, do you have an entry for MySQL access credentials for Exim?

I guess you do.

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