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Subject: Re: [exim] Local and virtual domains
Jakob Hirsch píše v Po 07. 02. 2005 v 16:57 +0100:
> zbynh@??? wrote:
> > domainlist local_domains = \
> >         mysql;SELECT userid FROM domains WHERE userid='$key';

> And how does your table 'domains' look like? A column named 'userid'
> does not sound like it contains a domain name, and exim expects to get
> back a domain name (like "") from the query.

column userid contains just domain name
> I use the database-scheme from vmail-sql
> ( with the exim-config updated to Exim4:

and I just used this one

> domainlist local_domains = mysql;SELECT domain_name FROM domain WHERE
> domain_name = '${quote_mysql:$domain}'
> (I can also post the routers and transports if you like)

yes, I would appreciate it.
> $key is something from the Exim3 age, AFAIK you cannot use it with Exim4
> any more.

> And you should really use quote_* for any user-given data.

zbynh@??? <zbynh@???>