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Author: Peter Bowyer
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [Exim] Wishlist: expansion in def:header_XXXX: and $header_XXXX:
Hubbard, Matt R W said:
> Dear All,
> An item for the wishlist, could the access to headers by "$header_" and
> "def" be expanded? Given that the header names are terminated by colons,
> this Wishlist item might not be entirely straight forward.
> The reason I'd like to do this is so that I can do things such as, in
> the ACLs:
> # Always add the score header
> warn   message     = X-${message_id}-Spam-Score: $spam_score
>        spam        = exim:true

> Then in the system message filter:
> if ("${if def:header_X-${message_id}-Spam-Score: {there}}" is there)
> then
>         if ("${if def:header_X-Spam-Score: {there}}" is there) then
>                 headers remove X-Spam-Score
>         endif
>         headers add "X-Spam-Score: $h_X-${message_id}-Spam-Score:"
>         headers remove X-${message_id}-Spam-Score
> Endif

The Exiscan docs outline a way to do this using a hash of the message
length... there are plently of other similar options which don't require a
variable header name.