Re: [Exim] Patch for "fallback on fail"

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Author: Dan Egli
To: exim-users
New-Topics: [Exim] AOL - SPF - and EXIM
Subject: Re: [Exim] Patch for "fallback on fail"
Jeremy Harris wrote:
> Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
> Thus a 5yz reply does not imply that the commands will fail if repeated
>> to a receiver with new properties. 5yz is "permanent" only with respect
>> to a specific receiver implementation. The "fallback on fail" feature
>> should only be used when there are reasons for the fallback host to have
>> an implementation that should accept the mail.
> Argh! No!
> I am so pissed off with certain broken Novell systems ignoring our 5xx
> responses and hitting each of our MX's in turn for the same nonexistent
> username.    Please don't encourage this behaviour.  5xx means NO.

> - Jeremy

I agree with both sides to a point. Retrying from MX1 to MX2 etc.. is a
bad thing. But if the fallback host could be specified, then I think it
would be a good patch for those of us stuck on a dynamic IP address.