[Exim] Re: Redirection to MS Exchange from exim on Linux

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Author: Ben Smithurst
To: Slava Voronin
CC: exim-users
Subject: [Exim] Re: Redirection to MS Exchange from exim on Linux
Slava Voronin wrote:

> Is it possible to configure exim to get emails for users on linux
> box and if they don't exist on Linux box (/etc/passwd), then
> redirect the emails to MS Exchange on NT box? My question
> relates to the redirection of unexistant users on Linux to MS Exchange.
> I presume that configurations are supposed to be done with exim mta.
> I couldn't find the information on this.

I guess you could do this with a smartuser director, something like:

driver = smartuser
new_address = ${local_part}@???

You might need more options on that director, I'm not sure... Also
remember to put that director after all others, or you'll end up
redirecting mail to the NT box which shouldn't be redirected.

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