[Exim] multiple-wildcard lookups

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Author: Andromeda
To: Exim
Subject: [Exim] multiple-wildcard lookups
Hello all,

I am faced with a possible dilemma. It appears that a specific service in
the UK allows for the registration of subdomains. These are used to produce
UCE in copious quantities, and the service is simply not doing anything
about it.

In an effort to kill such crap hitting my servers, I'm trying to use the
sender_reject_recipients option as follows:

sender_reject_recipients = "@@lsearch*;/usr/local/exim/local/sender-blacklist"

with sender-blacklist being in the below format:

*: Friend
domain: *
anotherdomain: user : user2

This has worked so far, but now that I am faced with subdomains in the
lookup key (i.e. the domain name), this fails to work anymore... Ideally I
would like to have the following kind of line in my file and have it reject
every time:

*.anotherdomain: *

Does anyone know why it isn't working, or what I should do to fix this?



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