[Exim] Integrating PGP with Exim

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Author: Phil White
To: exim-users
New-Topics: Re: [Exim] Integrating PGP with Exim (...& procmail filtering?)
Subject: [Exim] Integrating PGP with Exim
I administer a central mail server for the ITMagic domain, and am
pondering on the possibility of adding in transparent PGP support.

I have downloaded the sendmail wrapper,
(see ftp://ftp.pgp.net/pub/pgp/utils/sendmail/README.html )
which is the basis for my start. I would be very interested to know
if anyone else out there is using any method similar to this.

My requirements are :
    The service, once set up, should be as transparent as possible.
    The service is only needed to sign emails, not encrypt them.
    As this is a central mail relay, no users will be logged in.
        This is my main area of concern. I have to attempt to
        ensure that I can guarantee authenticity of a sender,
        prior to the signing process.

Has anyone any thoughts?

        Phil White.